What is Airline Cargo Management System?

Airline Cargo Management System is a comprehensive web-based solution for controlling every stage of air cargo shipment from acceptance to final delivery. This digital platform is designed to streamline airlines’ cargo operations, improve air cargo services, and ensure effective cargo and freight management.

Why is Cargo Management important for airlines?

Cargo Management System dramatically reduces the errors in cargo shipment and freight management procedures. Additionally, this system has been built for addressing numerous requirements and challenges for having a smooth air cargo operation like managing warehouse, boosting revenue, automating cargo operations, and enhancing customer experience.

What are the functions of Airline Cargo Management solutions?

Airline Cargo Management solution provides everything air carriers need in the cargo supply chain. It covers a wide range of commercial and operational capabilities such as flight schedule and capacity management, reservation, real-time shipment tracking and etc.

What are the benefits of Cargo Management System?

Cargo Management System implements the latest digitized workflows, cloud computing and data analytics algorithms to enable real-time management and monitoring of air cargo operations.