What is the common use platform?

Common Use Platform phrase is used when flexible and shared airport facilities are implemented for passenger processing operations through shared technology and infrastructure.

What is the purpose of the common use platform?

For addressing the airport operators’ challenges, common use technology offers a range of benefits by replacing expensive and less efficient dedicated passenger processing facilities with shared workstations and printers in each passenger processing points.

What are the downsides of common use platform?

Although common use system has many advantages, cost of developing it is the major consideration. Transforming the traditional passenger processing to the common use model also adds ‘soft costs’ to the airport’s operators.

What is common use passenger processing (CUPPS)?

Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) is an IT solution that enables multiple airlines, service companies, or other users to use an IATAstandard uniform electronic interface for sharing physical check-in or gate podium positions.

What is cloud based common use platform?

By centralizing computing and hosting Common Use infrastructure through cloud based common use platform, Applications are accessed remotely from different location and perform the same as locally-held applications.

What is common use working group (CUWG)?

Since the common use standards require appropriate handling and maintaining, the common use working group (CUWG) has been created, as a joint A4A/IATA body. The (CUWG) is responsible for developing and reviewing process and technical standards.

What are the main common use platforms?

In the aviation industry, common use terminal equipment (CUTE), common use passenger processing system (CUPPS), and common use self service (CUSS) are the main common use platforms.

What are the benefits of common use platform?

One of the most significant benefit that encourages the implementation of common use systems in airports is more efficient use of existing airport space. Other benefits of the shared systems are reduced costs and having standard interface.

What is common use terminal equipment (CUTE)?

Airport common use terminal equipment (CUTE) is an IT solution that enables multiple airlines to use existing airport infrastructures (a same hardware and equipment at specific airport) to control passenger and flight processing through their own servers.

When is common use self service (CUSS)?

Common Use Self-Service or CUSS platform is a system that contains a shared kiosk or self bag drop that provides airport check-in for passengers, and eliminates the need for ground staff.

What is common use web service (CUWS)?

Common Use Web Services (CUWS) is a unique software interface specifically developed by IATA to establish proper connection between a self-bag drop application and a DCS.