What is Computer Reservation System (CRS)?

A computer reservation system, also called airline central reservation system (CRS) is used to store and retrieve flight-related information such as schedules, fares, passenger name records (PNRs) and conduct transactions related to air travels with customers and agents.

What are the benefits of Computer Reservation System (CRS) for third-party travel agents?

Computer Reservation System (CRS) is very significant for third-party travel agents. Using CRS, the agents can access flight information through the global distribution systems (GDS) interfaced with CRS or extract it directly from meta search engines.

What is the advantage of booking directly from airline’s website?

The central reservation system that integrates with airline websites can help airlines receive commission-free bookings. It also permits different currencies and payment methods leading to a higher user experience.

What are the Features of Airline Computer Reservation System (CRS)?

CRS allows users to remotely book travel services online at any time by Interfacing with Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and APIs/XMLs. It also provides recording of all the flight-related information, invoicing, accounting, customer and quota management.

What are the benefits of Computer Reservation System (CRS) for airlines?

By using Airline reservations systems, airlines and charter carriers can conveniently sell their inventory through every possible sale channel including B2B, B2C, B2E and etc. Furthermore, Airline CRS may be integrated into a bigger passenger processing system.

What are the main functions of Computer Reservation System (CRS)?

CRSs are designed and developed to eliminate physical and geographical barriers between the air carriers and the clients. These distribution systems carry out their tasks by integrating with airlines' passenger processing systems and interfacing with passenger contact points such as the airline’s website, Travel agents (e.g. OTAs) and other third-party booking platforms.

Why is Computer Reservation System (CRS) important?

The Airline Computer Reservation System is an important tool for airlines as it is used to maintain air travel information, manage bookings and fares/tariffs, and keep track of booking records in real-time.