What is flight information Display System (FIDS)?

FIDS is a totally integrated and automatic central database system that is capable of displaying flight operation information on staff, check-in, gate, baggage claim monitors as well as other display screens.

Why is Flight Information Display (FIDS) important?

Nowadays, airports are equipped with airport digital signage system known as flight information display system (FIDS) to improve communications and keep passengers perpetually informed of travel information.

What are the FIDS functions?

Each line on FIDS designates a different flight number followed by the airline logo/name and the IATA or ICAO codes, the city of origin/ destination or any stopovers, the expected arrival/ departure time or any delays, the gate number, the check-in counter number and the flight status.

Where is a Flight Information Display (FIDS) placed?

The Information display systems are placed inside and around airports to supply necessary information promptly concerning flight departures/ arrivals, baggage belt assignment, gate assignments, and waiting-hall locations.