What is Resource Management System (RMS)?

Resource Management System (RMS) is a tool, which is designed for the efficient management of key airport resources such as staff, equipment, and aircraft stands.

Why is Resource Management System (RMS) important?

Resource Management System (RMS) is a crucial task to manage critical assets to have maximum effectiveness of airport operations.

What are the features and benefits of Resource Management System (RMS)??

Resource Management System (RMS) provides seasonal and operational resource allocation, optimized resource utilization, airport fixed resource management (e.g. infrastructures such as parking stands, gates, baggage belts, check-in, …), real-time automated scheduling and etc.

What are the main tasks of Management System (RMS)?

RMS provides airport operations, airlines, and ground handling agents with a flexible high-performance tool to streamline airport operations and maximize resource utilization through the deployment and utilization of required resources at the right time and place.

What are the advantages of Resource Management System (RMS)?

The capability to balance costs, constraints, and service level agreements automatically as a time-effective alternative to manual data analysis is among the most important advantages of RMS.